Monday, January 19, 2009

Camne nk tempah baju-bajuan dibawah?

Baju ade 2 kaler..itam dan putih..kaler len sedang dpertimbangkan..
Harge RM25 selai..
Kontek aku..

Bulan Clothing

Colour of Cubic



Soundless Speaker

Tentang Bulan

Thursday, January 15, 2009


1.Find at least ONE website (give the URL) that you find as cybersquatting site. -Official Proton Site. -Proton Therapy and Treatment Center Site.

2.Go to OPAC IIUM, find three books from Law, Human Science and Technology. Get the call numbers and ISBN numbers.

Law-1.Pollution, politics, and international law.Call no-d44 K3590.4M617P.ISBN no-
2.Law and justice.Call no-d61 KF384M998L.ISBN no-0534081126.
3.American constitutional law.Call no-d51 KF4549B287A.ISBN no-0822602407.

Human Science-1.SOCIAL change and the life course.Call no-HQ799.97G7S678.ISBN no-
2.Human rights and development.Call no-JC571H76H918.ISBN no-0333459873
3.Hegel's critique of liberalism.Call no-JC233H46S659.ISBN no-

Technology-1.Philosophy of technology.Call no-T14.5F382.ISBN no-013662586X.
2.Technology and organizations.Call no-HD45G653.ISBN no-1555422098.
3.TECHNOLOGY in human communication.Call no-P96T42T251.ISBN no-

3.Explore Bro. Asmady blog and tell me at least 3 things you like about his blog.
-The layout is simple but nice.
-Easy to surf.
-There are many information that can be used.

4.Name the URL for Kulliyah of ICT.

5.Go to CFS IIUM Library, find 10 books that categorized under Red spot collections.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Comparison Between Nikon D60 and Nikon D40X

Nikon D60 DSLR Digital Camera
Nikon D60
Nikon D40X DSLR Digital Camera
Nikon D40X
Announced 2008-01-29 2007-03-06
Dimensions 126x94x64 mm 126x94x64 mm
Weight 471 grams 495 grams
Viewfinder Reflecting (TTL) Reflecting (TTL)
Resolution 10.75 Megapixels 10.2 Megapixels
Sensor Size 23.6 x 15.8 mm 23.7 x 15.6 mm
Color Depth 36 36
ISO Min 100 100
ISO Max 3200 3200
Min Shutter 1/4000 s 1/4000 s
Max Shutter 30 s 30 s
Photo Max Size 3872x2592 3872x2592
Record Sound No No
Record Video No No
Manual Focus Yes Yes
Exposure Compensation +/- 5 EV with step 1/3 +/- 5 EV with step 1/3
White Balance auto, manual, from the list auto, manual, from the list
Flash Internal, Red-Eye Reduction, Hot Shoe, i-TTL Internal, Red-Eye Reduction, Hot Shoe
Image Formats 3 JPEG, RAW 3 JPEG, RAW
Interfaces USB 2.0, video USB, USB 2.0, video
Battery Capacity 1000 * 1000 mAh
Memory type SD, SDHC SD Card, SDHC
In the Box , Lithium Ion Battery EN-EL9, Battery charger MH-23, USB-cable UC-E4, DK-20, AN-DC1, No BF-1A, DK-5, Hot Shoe BS-1, - Accum EN-EL9, Battery charger MH-23, USB-cable UC-E4, PictureProject, DK-16, , BF-1A, DK-5, Hot Shoe

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Summary of Children of Heaven
The Children of Heaven

Ali takes his little sister Zahra's shoes to the shoemaker to be repaired, but loses them on the way home. The siblings decide to keep the predicament a secret from their parents, knowing that there is no money to buy a replacement pair and fearing that they will be punished. They devise a scheme to share Ali's sneakers: Zahra will wear them to school in the morning and hand them off to Ali at midday so he can attend afternoon classes. This uncomfortable arrangement leads to one adventure after another as they attempt to hide the plan from their parents and teachers, attend to their schoolwork and errands, and acquire a new pair of shoes for Zahra. Zahra sees the shoes on a schoolmate's feet, and follows her home, but the two soon become friends.

Ali enters a high-profile children's footrace in the hope of receiving the third prize of a new pair of sneakers. He accidentally places first and wins another prize instead. The film ends with Zahra finding out that she will not get a new pair of shoes, but there is a quick shot of their father's bicycle at the end of the movie that shows what appears to be the red shoes Zahra had been focusing on earlier and another pair of white sneakers, presumably for Ali, whose old sneakers were torn from so much use. The film ends with the final shot showing blisters on Ali's feet. Some versions include an epilogue revealing that Ali eventually achieves the larger-scale success of having a racing career.

Monday, December 01, 2008

The importance of IL

  • Reduces uncertainty
  • As reference to others
  • to have information treated as a commodity
  • For decision making
  • To influence others
  • To gain ideas to invent an idea or product

The definition of an information literate person extends beyond school and application to academic problems--such as writing a research paper--and reaches right into the workplace. Information literacy is also important to effective and enlightened citizenry, and has implications that can impact the lives of many people around the globe.

The ability to use information technologies effectively to find and manage information, and the ability to critically evaluate and ethically apply that information to solve a problem are some of the hallmarks of an information literate individual. Other characteristics of an information literate individual include the spirit of inquiry and perseverance to find out what is necessary to get the job done.

We live in the Information Age, and "information" is increasing at a rapid pace. We have the Internet, television, radio, and other information resources available to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, just because so much information is so easily and quickly available does not mean that all of it is worthwhile or even true.

Because of resources like the Internet, finding high-quality information is now harder than ever, not easier! Finding the good stuff is not always quick! And the good stuff does not always come cheaply, either! (In short, to make it in today's Information Age, you have to be even smarter--not dumber--than your typewriter-schlepping predecessors!)

To make matters worse, just because you know how to use a particular information technology today does not mean that there is not another one right behind it that you will have to learn how to use tomorrow! Once seemingly exotic technologies like "word processing" and "electronic mail" are now commonplace, but at one time, they were amazing and revolutionary. (To some of us, they still are).

Today's employers are looking for people who understand and can adapt to the characteristics of the Information Age. If a student has "learned how to learn," upon graduation, they are a much more attractive job candidate. An information literate individual--with their strong analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills--can be expected to be an adaptable, capable and valuable employee, with much to contribute.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Why i choose this topic???

Why I Choose This Topic

In this new era,wireless technologies are very important to people.Its connect us to the any gadget easier and faster.Its also require no wire.
With this topic,I can add my knowledge in this technology.Now,i know more about wireless technologies and how to use it.
Maybe,in the future i may use this technology to do some stuff.
Last but not least,the reason why i choose this article is to give all of you the knowledge about wireless technologies.
Thank You.